tisdag, april 28, 2015

Start a company – change the world!

Around 1000 people gathered last Saturday at Startup Day, an annual event organized by SSES.
Last Saturday, Helene and I visited Startup Day, an annual event organized by Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES). SSES once again did a great job of delivering exceptional content to a very diverse crowd of roughly a thousand (!) visitors. ESBRI was represented at the exhibition area, together with other collaborative partners of the event. Our plan was to check out some of the sessions, but due to the fact that a great deal of interesting people wanted to come and talk to us, we spent most of the time at our booth.

However, I am very glad that we didn’t miss the session ”Activism in entrepreneurship” by Fredrika Gullfot, the founder and CEO of Simris Alg. They grow algae and produce natural food products and health supplements. By sharing her company’s story, Fredrika explained how we can empower change through entrepreneurship.

She brought up the example of industrial trawl fishing that is literally cleaning out the waters of the world using huge nets. Besides having an adverse effect on nature, this practice poses a serious threat to people who depend on fish for food. And the irony of the situation is that the fish caught in this way is mostly used for the production of Omega-3 food supplements. Simris Alg plans to tackle these industrial practices by deriving Omega-3 acid from algae that they grow in a sustainable way. According to Fredrika, Simris Alg is revolutionizing the way of obtaining Omega-3 acid and is prepared to take over the traditional fish oil market.

Fredrika reminded us that the role of entrepreneurship goes far beyond mere business opportunity and economic benefit. She argues that it is at the core of entrepreneurship to empower industries and consumers to switch to better and more sustainable practices and products.

She concluded the lecture with a very inspirational message to the audience: ”Be the change you want to see in the world. Start a company.”


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