fredag, maj 04, 2018

Darwin and Barrett visited Stockholm

Solomon Darwin on "Business Models for Emerging Economies"
Ended the week with a research seminar co-hosted by ESBRI, SSE House of Innovation and SSES.

First out in the back-to-back seminar was Solomon Darwin, Executive Director, Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation, U. C. Berkeley, USA. He presented his work and results of the Smart Village Movement. It is an initiative from U. C. Berkeley and the Indian government – an example of frugal and open innovation.

Darwin recent published a book addressing the project: ”The Road to Mori: Smart Villages of Tomorrow”. This is an example of how digital technology and platforms can help artisans and farmers in rural India to develop their businesses and reach new markets. As Solomon Darwin said: ”With little access to digital technology they can do wonders.”

Next up was Michael Barrett, professor of Information Systems and Innovation Studies at Cambridge University. His presentation was titled ”Tribes marching to different drum beats: A temporal perspective on coordinating inter-occupational work”.

It was fun to see the interest of the scholar community with close to 20 people in the room. I was also glad that we could be involved in the inaugural event for SSE House of Innovation together with SSES.

Have a nice weekend!

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