fredag, november 20, 2015

Meet Caroline Walerud of Volumental

During one week each November, Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) engages millions of people in an active celebration of entrepreneurship. ESBRI is the country host for the Swedish GEW efforts. As part of our work with GEW, we asked some profiled Swedish entrepreneurs, and a couple of our GEW partners to answer a few questions – about their entrepreneurial journey and about GEW. So far, we’ve talked to Alan Mamedi and Sanna Nilsson. Now it’s time for Caroline Walerud! She’s the CEO and co-founder of Volumental, a Stockholm-based startup that uses 3D scanning technology to create a world in which products are made to suit your body – an antidote to the world of mass-production. Caroline Walerud was recognized as the #1 Super Talent of the Year 2013 by Veckans Affärer. In 2015, Wired named Volumental one of Europe's hottest startups. Caroline Walerud is on Twitter: @CWalerud

Hi Caroline, where did you draw most inspiration from while starting up your business?
I'm driven by creating a positive change in the world, solving problems, and growing a great team and business. Volumental's big vision is to build a world that fits you: We're changing how the world designs, manufactures, buys and sells products. Through this we minimize returns, mass production and waste, we enable artisans, and make people happier through putting the individual at the core of product creation.

What personal strengths have been critical for your success?
Getting people excited about our cause and vision. Dedication and persistence. Curiosity, cheekiness and charm.

What was the greatest challenge you have experienced in your entrepreneurial career so far?
It's been an extra sharp learning curve to scale the company (and myself as a manager) to a team size that can't all sit in one room. Communication, transparency, and maximising individual freedom to make decisions, will continue to be central now that we scale up from twenty people!

What is your view on Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW)? Do you think an initiative like this can boost entrepreneurship worldwide?
It's great to showcase more role models and paths to entrepreneurship. That will encourage more people to take the leap!


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